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All of the partners of Dalmatian Productions, Inc. are either past or current members of one division or another of emergency services. We are not "big-name" Hollywood producers who are seeking to make a buck off the fire service.

We've been there, on the tip in a ripping house fire; opening up the roof of a taxpayer to vent the smoke and pressure building up underneath your very feet; jumping off the Rescue to begin CPR on a sudden arrest victim on a tennis court. If you've done it, most likely, so have we.

 Thus, any production that we do will always be with the utmost respect and understanding for our colleagues. Sure, there will often be humor and fun, but when the "stuff" hits the fan, our cameras will be there to catch the "real deal."

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Night Ladder

"Whether in the dark of night or the glare of the day, the brave men and women of the fire/rescue service will be there to light your way."